Kiezentdecker - Welcome to Steglitz-Zehlendorf




Seminar City-Discoverer

This Seminar represented the start of the guide project in summer 2012. We presented the theme „Guide of Steglitz-Zehlendorf“ to 14 teenagers aged between 8 and 14, through a change of perspective.
They imagined which places, streets or squares they would like to show to a friendly alien, who would come and visit for one day. Which popular places should he absolutely get to know? Which ugly places should he better avoid? The teenagers gathered a varied mix of places, which they had always wanted to see, or which they wanted to show to someone else.
The result was the first tour ofthe area, for which, each day, another child took the

leadership and guided the others like a scout. The children and teenagers also visited a place outside of Steglitz: The Berliner Mosque. Do you know why? Because there are no mosques in Steglitz- Zehlendorf, although there are a lot of Muslims living there. Why is it so, we can only suppose and ask you to research. So the guide does not only show places that are in the area already, but also the missing ones.

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