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Seminar Flight and refugees

Berlin and Steglitz-Zehlendorf contain a varied population structure, to which belong migrants and refugees, of course. We got to know this cultural diversity with 31 teenagers aged from 14 to 16. They talked about different young refugees’ life situations in their country of origin, the personal and social causes of migration or escape. They informed themselves about living conditions and refugees’ rights in the majority society of Germany. They were also made aware of discrimination.

During this seminar, we visited institutions in Steglitz as well as institutions in other parts of the city. This is owed to the help organisation for refugees in Berlin. A lot of institutions take the responsibility in the whole city or even i the whole Bundesland. That is why we thought that it made sense to visit important institutions in other parts ofthe city, in order to judge the situation in the own neighbourhood, too.

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