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Denkmal Hoff

The Teltowkanal is a canal which measures 38.39 kilometres and it flows through Berlin and the southern outskirts of the city. It links the Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße canal (Dahme, tributary of Spree) and the Havel-Wasserstraße canal (Potsdamer Havel). The canal was a part of the borderline between East Germany and West Germany. The wall was built August 13th 1961, so that people from the GDR could not go to West Germany. The wall was strongly watched by border guards. 100.000 people tried to flee, 600 of them were shot or died during the attempt to flee. On August 29th 1961, at about 2.20pm, Roland Hoff tried to swim from East Germany to West Germany through the Teltowkanal (24 metres eastwards the Bridge of Industry). The wall had been there for 16 days. He jumped into the water. The border guards shot to warn, but he did not react. Then he was shot several times in the head. The bag he had taken with him was pulled out of the water. Thanks to it, it was possible to find out about his identity.

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Teltowkanal Denkmal Hoff
14513 Berlin

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