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The Schloßstraße in Steglitz is
the main shopping street in the area. There are many shopping centres. There is the Schloss, the Boulevard, the SSC (Schloßstraßencenter) and the Forum. The Schloßstraße was also an important street in the past. It connected Holland and Russia. What’s more, it is the first street which has been built with paving stones in Prussia. Its name was first Reichsstraße and its number was 1. Now, its number is B1. The name Schloßstraße comes from the castle of Steglitz, which had also been named according to the old domains Wrangel-Schlösschen or Beyme Schlösschen. The castel is located just next to Schlosspark Theater.

Icon Bahn U9 Schloßstraße,
Rathaus Steglitz,


12163 Berlin

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Opening times:

Schloßstraße 24 hours a day! Stores and malls have individual opening hours.

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