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The cadet corpse opened in
1873. There were on the site among other things a hospital, two churches, a school, apartments, a sport hall and a stable. The Prussian cadet corpse was the most important casern in Germany. Soldiers who were educated there came from rich families. This is the reason why there are so many villas near the casern. It is also there that the first electric tramway in the world has been created. After the First World War, the German »Reich« had to close the casern.
After 1920 Hitler’s SS guardsmen were housed there. The swimming pool which was modern at that time has been used for the Olympic Games in 1936. After 1945 the buildings were destroyed by bomb attacks. The buildings which were still usable were used by the Americans. As the American soldiers had to go back to the US from 1994, the building has been converted into the federal archives. The federal archives contain documents like for example files, written documents, cards, pictures, posters, films, recordings etc. about German history. You can find an infobox on the site. You will find there pictures of the cadet corpse’s story, and federal archives. There are a lot of villas in the archives' area. Visitors can get an overview of the work and the process of the archives during guided tours.

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