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Here you can gaze at the wonderful world of plants like a moss garden or a swamp and water garden. The botanical garden is packed with greenhouses and you can also find kitchen gardens. Special and very rare plants such as the vanilla plant and the German »Leberwurstbaum« are also here. Especially fascinating are the predator plants like the venus flytrap. This plant originally lives in the United States and it is especially fast while catching insect such as flies, ants and spiders. Besides the large variety of plants, it is also a habitat for birds and insects. You can also see the botanic museum and the tomb of Friedrich Althoff. He was a prussian cultural politician who brought the botanical garden from Schöneberg to Steglitz. It was built from 1897 to 1910 on a former potato field of the Domäne Dahlem. Althoff was a liberal politician. The botanical garden is one of the largest and species-richest gardens in the world!

Icon Bahn S1 Botanischer Garten
U9 Rathaus Steglitz
U3 Dahlem Dorf
Icon Bahn Bus X83 M48


Botanischer Garten
Königin-Luise-Straße 6
14195 Berlin
030/83 85 01 00

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Opening times: Please look up in the internet as they vary from season to season.
Entrance fee: Garden + Museum 6 Euro, students 3 Euro, tickets for groups available

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