Route "The entire world in Steglitz-Zehlendorf", No. 1


In the museum, you can get an overview of the time when Berlin was divided in two parts, West Berlin and East Berlin. At this time there were American, French and British soldiers as allies in Berlin. In the museum you will learn how the allies had organised life in West Berlin. Outside, a plane which took part in the airlift, a raisin bomber, is exhibited. The particularity of Steglitz-Zehlendorf is that many Americans used to live there. They built a school, a sport centre, a supermarket, a cinema and a library.

When we did the rallye »Little America in Berlin« of the Museum in the city, we discovered the old residence area where the American lived, at Hüttenweg. We saw for example the old supplies centre Truman Plaza, the Quentin-Blake school, the US army’s chapel and the old residential buildings of the
American families in the current Parkviertel in Dahlem. We liked the rallye very much, thats why the stations are written down extra.

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