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The council for refugees has been in Berlin for about 30 years for the rights of refugees. It tries to ameliorate the situation of refugees in Germany, working with public relations and lobbying. It caters for general public by politic contacts and media and so can for example get to reach a amelioration of the supplies in the accommodation. The council for refugees also show some special cases to the general public to prevent their expulsion from Germany. The advantage for the concerned people is that after that these cases have been showed to the public they are rarely refused and so the risks of an expulsion are minimized. Many groups have been set up in the council of refugees. These can get involved in a theme like »young refugees«, »medical care« or »expulsion«. Many volunteers work at the council for refugees. It is politically independent, which means that the Berlin local government (senat) does not give any money. This is important so that a public criticism can be made.

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