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There is a wall to climb and a kiosk. There is music played while you are climbing. In winter it is also possible to climb because there is central heating. In my opinion the climbing gym is awesome. The more we are, the funnier it is. Climbing is for girls and boys, how old you are doesn’t matter. Kids under the age of 12 need to come with their legal guardians. If you are older then 12 you´ll need permission from your parents.

Icon Bahn U7 Blissestraße


Berliner Straße 46
10713 Berlin
030 / 79 78 46 46

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Opening times +

Monday - Thursday 9am - 22:30pm
Friday and Sunday 9am - 8:30pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm close 1,5 h after the last entrance. For the different price categories please look up in the internet. To rent climbing shoes 3 € or you bring your own sneakers.

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