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Bodrum Imbiss

The dürüm döner was delicious! A dürüm döner is a big white loaf of bread with a lot of salad with sauce and poultry or beef. The shop is called »Bodrum«. It is situated just under the S-Bahn Rathaus Steglitz. It is possible to eat inside. It is comfortable event though it is small. We all ate a dürüm döner; it tastes better than a döner in bread. People working there are really nice. The dürüm döner costs 3.30 euro and the döner costs 2.50 euro. It`s very delicious! We also met new people. We recommend going there because we don’t know any better döner in Steglitz.

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Bodrum Imbiss
Kuligkshofstraße 1
12165 Berlin

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Opening times +

Open late into the night

Examples for menu prices:
Dürum Döner = 3,30 Euro
Döner = 2,50 Euro

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