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am Wannsee

Max Liebermann was one of the most famous painters in Berlin. He lived from 1847–1935 and his style was influenced by impressionism. At the age of 62 he bought property at the Wannsee and built a summer residence with a studio. Max Liebermann was a Jew and during the National Socialism he was not allowed to work and paint anymore. Soon after that he died in grief. The mansion itself has a changing past. 1940 Martha Liebermann was forced by the National Socialists to sell the property to the German Reichspost. During the end of the war the mansion was used as a hospital and after 1945 it was the surgical section of the Wannsee-Hospital. Liebermanns granddaughter Maria White finally sold the mansion to the state of Berlin in 1958. Since 2006 it is a museum. Today you can admire art pieces of Max Liebermann there and learn about his life. Special guided tours are offered for children and students. The dates can be looked up in the internet.

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S7 Wannsee
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Villa Liebermann
Colomierstr. 3
14109 Berlin
030/ 80 58 59 00

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Bildercollage Liebermann Villa am Wannsee

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Apr. - Sept. daily 10am - 6pm except Tue., Thur. and holidays 10am - 7pm. Oct. - Mar. 11am - 5pm except Tue.

Adults 8 Euro, students 4 Euro, kids under 14 free, Familyticket 18 Euro, groups 7 Euro/pers. (min. 8 people)

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