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Waldfriede e.V.

The hospital Waldfriede has 170 beds and is an academic teaching hospital of the Charité University. Each year 9000 patients are treated stationary and 12.000 require out-patient care. It is led by the protestant Free Church of the Seven-Day-Adventists. Since the foundation in 1920, the medical act and nursing advice are guided by the concept of holistic therapy. That means that body, mind and soul are included and treated equally. Ethic and human care are center point of their work, especially after the principle of christian charity.

Berlin’s first baby hatch

Some women believe that they won’t succeed in raising their child. Project »Babywiege« in hospital Waldfriede was brought up to help to prevent harm to the children of these women. The mothers can give their new born babies to the hospital without identifying themselves. The Baby hatch is green and in the back of house A. Behind that there is a heated bed in which a woman can lay her baby. The whole thing is anonymous and in no way illegal for the women. Some time after the baby is put in the hatch a sensor sets an alarm. Until then the mother has enough time to leave the terrain and stay unrecognized.

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Krankenhaus Waldfriede
Argentinische Allee 40
14163 Berlin
030 / 81 81 03 35

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The hospital and the baby hatch are open 24/7.