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Werk Steglitz und Teltow-Zehlendorf e.V.

The Diakonisches Werk is a nursing care center in Steglitz-Zehlendorf. It offers information, advice and support all about questions in terms of ageing. In addition to that it is a reception center for handicaped children, teenager and adults. Social workers who work with challenged people can also get advice. The counselling is free of charge, confidential and focused on the needs and wishes of the clients.

Icon Bus Bus 186, 283 Birkbuschstr./Klingsorstr.


Diakonisches Werk
Johanna-Stegen-Straße 8
12167 Berlin
030 / 76 90 26-00/01

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Bildercollage Diakonisches Werk Steglitz und Teltow-Zehlendorf e.V.

Opening times:

Opening times without appointment Tuesday 9am - 3pm & Thursday 12am - 6pm

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