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Jochen Richert

Gründervater ARD-Fernsehlotterie

After the 2nd World War people in Berlin had to rebuild their life. It was particularly difficult because of the Berlin blockade in 1948. Most affected people were children and elderly. Jochen Richert was born May 15th 1915 in Zehlendorf. During the 50th, he was a public relations officer for charity organisations, which had been created by the congress of municipality. He coordinated aid projects for the population and especially for children. Richert had the idea to use television as a mean to reach many people. He is seen as the founder of the ARD television lottery, whose aim was to raise money for charity organisations. The first emission took place April 28th 1956 and was called »Holidays for Berlin children«. There were also other prizes to win as towels, fridges, audio sets or cars. Richert
invented the famous slogan:« You’re in for 5 Marks!« The emission allowed 1.4 millions children, 115.000 families and 320.000 people to go on holidays. Jochen Richert died February 11th 1984. A commemorative plaque has been put for him in the Königstraße in Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

The television lottery finances today many projects for seniors, disabled people, mothers, children and teenagers. The realisation of this guide has been possible thanks to the German Fernsehlotterie. Thank you very much!

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