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What makes this guide special?

All the places have been visited and judged by children and teenagers. After each excursion the participants valued the places according to the fun and learn factor, how sporty the activity was or the probability to meet nice people. These are personal opinions of the group participants and should help you.
After the visit of an institution, you and your friends might think differently about the place, which is fine too! You might know a place which you like a lot and which is not in the guide… this is possible because the children and teenagers could not visit every single leisure facility, museum or recreation place in the area during the workshops. We hope that you will find some new inspiration and wish you a great discovery tour of the district, especially to all the newcomers!

Have fun in Steglitz-Zehlendorf!

Evaluation of the places

For most of the places you´ll find an evaluation of our city discoverers. There are five criterias: games & fun, learning factor – is there anything interesting to learn about, youth factor – suitable for young people, sport & fitness and meet people – can you make new friends there. The stars indicate how much it applies for the place.
You might think differently about it and evaluate differently – that´s fine.

Have fun on your own exciting city tour!

Games & fun Bewertung: null von sechs Sternen
Learning factor Bewertung: null von sechs Sternen
Youth factor Bewertung: null von sechs Sternen
Sports & fitness Bewertung: null von sechs Sternen
Meet people Bewertung: null von sechs Sternen