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On this website you will find useful and interesting information about the area: Where are nice recreation places? Where can I play socker? Where can I meet other young people? Are there any places especially for girls to catch up? In which institutions for teenagers are which languages spoken? Where can I learn German? Where can I eat some nice food in the area? Who can I talk to when I am angry or worried? Where can I get socially involved? Where can I learn about politics in the district and get involved? Where can I learn something about history? Where do young people from different origins come together?

Why is it such a good thing, you would like to know?
On this web page you will find useful and interesting information all about the district: Where are the best play grounds, which activities offers the region, where can i meet nice people, where to go with problems and worries? For these and many other questions the guide offers answers!

Who chose the places?
Children and teenagers aged from 8 to 18 took part in workshops at the South-West Berlin Red

Cross and decided which places would be interesting to show you and others. They wanted to learn more about the area, discover new places or present their favourite place in Steglitz. We devided all the places into seven routes in order to make it more clearly. You can visit the places according to the suggested itineraries or just by themselves.

The themes:
1. City-Discoverer
2. Girlsland
3. The entire world in Steglitz-Zehlendorf
4. Flight and refugees
5. Was it different in the past
6. Favourite tour
7. Diversity-Strength

For each place you will find the address, the transport connection, the entrance fee and other information you have to pay attention to when you want to go there. As the opening times sometimes change from season to season, we preferred to mark the phone number and internet address.